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This was, by far, the most fun Do-It-Yourself-Project I've ever had. This kit is so well thought out, and so many good videos about assembly are available on the Internet, that any first timer will have no trouble building this kit.Due to its straightforward Jig design, lining up the tooling is a piece of cake. I was able to purchase all of the necessary tools at my local hardware store. For a guy who has an interest in Gun-Smithing, I feel like an expert now that I was able to complete the P80 GLOCK 19.Delivery was no problem for Armorer's Warehouse. They used the fastest delivery option at their disposal and I had the kit in my hands within 2 weeks of placing my order.I highly recommend this kit for anyone wanting to succeed at a First-Time build.Thanks Armorer's Warehouse. Keep Supporting Our Second Amendment.*USA*

Michael L

My feedback on GLOCK 19 Complete 80% Build Kit

Great to deal with you all. Had an issue when I tried to order online, your IT guy had it corrected in about a minute, and I was able to order what I wanted. I also had some communication after the purchase and you all responded VERY quickly and were very informative. Would buy from you again. Thinking about an AR9 as my next project! 

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GLOCK 19 Complete 80% Build Kit 

Fast and easy build, everything went together well considering it was my first time building. Parts seem to be great quality as well. Any chance you guys will be getting 22LR conversion kits? I would like to get one of those for the G19 Gen3 at a good price. 


RE: My feedback on AKM-47 Complete Parts Kit Romanian Military Surplus Mod 63

It was a hard build, but very gratifying. I was helped alot by the great headspacing you had done on it, that saved alot of effort on my end. In addition, the sights were lined up with perfect windage, i dont know how you did it without having the rifle together, but it was spot on! Very respectfully, Michael

Michael P.